We are located in Combarbalá city, Region of Coquimbo, 351 kms from Santiago, 130 kms from Los Vilos, and 102 kms from Ovalle.
The geographic coordinates are: 31º 11’ south latitude and  71º 02’ longitude west. The city is located to 904 msnm.


The climate of the commune is the type of interior steppe or semi-arid, with an atmospheric dryness of approximately 50%. This climate is characterized by high summer temperatures, high thermal range and  a good clarity of the sky.


In the hydrographic aspect, the place presents many gullies, or small rivers, which grow in winter season, give their waters to larger rivers, such as rivers Cogotí, Combarbalá and Pama. This courses of water present a mixed system, being fed by rainwater and melting snow, main reason why they present two grown in the year: one in winter, and another in summer. All of them drain their waters to Cogotí reservoir, located in the commune, which has the capacity to store 150 million cubic meters.

The natural vegetation is associated clearly with the climate of the area. It imposes a steppe flora and xeromorphic, adapted to the dryness, where are predominant shrubs, cactus, hawthorn, locust, pepper sauces, etc.
You can only see the largest green in the areas of streams and rivers. Therefore, the aridity is a predominant feature in the mountainous landscape of the commune

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