Beltrán Inn  born in the beginning of 2000 with the intention to regain a place of comfort and safety. In this process we have grown and developed over a job of service to our clients that we have known for our warmth and honesty.

Our main difference with any of the other places is our wide space of more than 2 acres, between our facilities and environment , where you can feel the provincial atmosphere, the countryside, the clean air and its sceneries.

Our aim is to satisfy to the most demanding client, in a n environment surrounded by vegetation and calm that invites you to discover the pleasure of an unforgettable rest.


We are located in Combarbalá city, Region of Coquimbo, 351 kms from Santiago, 130 kms from Los Vilos, and 102 kms from Ovalle. The geographic coordinates are: 31º 11’ south latitude and  71º 02’ longitude west. The city is located to 904 msnm.


Combarbala is a city an commune of Chile wich is locate in the province of Limarí in the region of Coquimbo. It has a Limite to the commune of Monte Patria for the north, the communes of Illapel and Canela for the south and for the east the commune of punitaqui. The population of the city it is 13.483 Inhabitants (Census 2002) attractive panoramas to hope they waited for the visitor in Combarbala. Being a small city, great number of attractions groups echo tourist, astronomic, gastronomic between others, destined to satisfy all the tastes

Our address is:
Maipú 197
Phone: 56-53- 741532  / 56-53- 748128

Todos los derechos reservados a Beltrán Hostería
Maipú 197 (Esquina Los Álamos) Combarbalá Fonos: 56-53- 741532  / 56-53- 748128
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